SectionI Use of English


Read thefollowing text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B,C or D on ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)

Thinner isn’t alwaysbetter. A number of studies have __1___ that normal-weight people are in factat higher risk of some diseases compared to those who are overweight. And thereare health conditions for which being overweight is actually ___2___. Forexample, heavier women are less likely to develop calcium deficiency than thinwomen. ___3___ among the elderly, being somewhat overweight is often an ___4___of good health.

Of even greater___5___ is the fact that obesity turns out to be very difficult to define. Itis often defined ___6___ body mass index, or BMI. BMI ___7__ body mass dividedby the square of height. An adult with a BMI of 18 to 25 is often considered tobe normal weight. Between 25 and 30 is overweight. And over 30 is consideredobese. Obesity, ___8___,can be divided into moderately obese, severely obese,and very severely obese.

While such numericalstandards seem 9 , they are not. Obesity is probably lessa matter of weight than body fat. Some people with a high BMI are in factextremely fit, 10 others with a low BMI may be in poor 11 .For example, manycollegiate and professional football players 12 as obese, though theirpercentage body fat is low. Conversely, someone with a small frame may havehigh body fat but a 13 BMI.

Today we have a(an)_14 _ to label obesity as a disgrace. The overweight are sometimes_15_in themedia with their faces covered. Stereotypes _16_ with obesity include laziness,lack of will power, and lower prospects for success. Teachers, employers, andhealth professionals have been shown to harbor biases against the obese. _17_veryyoung children tend to look down on the overweight, and teasing about bodybuild has long been a problem in schools.

Negative attitudes toward obesity, ___18___ in health concerns, have stimulated a numberof anti-obesity ___19___. My own hospital system has banned sugary drinks fromits facilities.Many employers have instituted weight loss and fitnessinitiatives. Michelle Obama has launched a high-visibility campaign__20___ childhood obesity, even claiming that itrepresents our greatest national security threat.

2014研究生考试英语试题和答案解析二 考研英语真题练习

1. A. denied B. concluded C. doubled D. ensured

2. A. protective B. dangerous C. sufficient D. troublesome

3. A. Instead B. However C. Likewise D. Therefore

4. A. indicator B. objective C. origin D. example

5. A. impact B. relevance C. assistance D. concern

6. A. in terms of B. in case of C. in favor of D. in of

7. A. measures B. determines C. equals D. modifies

8. A. in essence B. in contrast C. in turn D. in part

9. A. complicated B. conservative C. variable D. straightforward

10. A. so B. while C. since D. unless

11. A. shape B. spirit C. balance D. taste

12. A. start B. quality C. retire D. stay

13. A. strange B. changeable C. normal D. constant

14. A. option B. reason C. opportunity D. tendency

15. A. employed B. pictured C. imitated D. monitored

16. A. compared B. combined C. settled D. associated

17. A. Even B. Still C. Yet D. Only

18. A. despised B. corrected C. ignored D. grounded

19. A. discussions B. businesses C. policies D. studies

20. A. for B. against C. with D. without

Section II Reading Comprehension